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Rhythm, Rhyme & Song

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Speech Rhymes

“Speech Rhymes” presents a series of short, simple poems and songs written specifically for deaf children. In writing these poems, the author, Geoff Plant, was conscious of the need to use simple, monosyllabic words that would be easy for young deaf children to produce. The poems and songs can be used to practice speech targets, encourage rhythmic speech, and provide deaf children with a repertoire of rhymes they can share with family members.

Cost $10.00 per copy Class Set (6 copies) $50.00

The Farmer’s Cheese

“The Farmer’s Cheese” is a book by Geoff Plant, aimed at young deaf, hard-of-hearing, and hearing children. It can be used as a storybook, and also for speech perception and production training. Children will enjoy the repetition and rhythm as the farmer unsuccessfully attempts to get his cheese back from the mouse. The farmer buys progressively larger and larger animals, a rat, a cat, a dog, a hog, and, finally, a bull to pursue the mouse. All these attempts fail, so the farmer buys some new cheese, and locks it in a cupboard for safe-keeping. Will this thwart the clever mouse? Of course not! Children will love his simple solution, as well as Australian illustrator Jane Eldershaw’s delightful pictures.

Cost $10.00 per copy Class Set (6 copies) $50.00

I want to go to the Zoo!

This is a new book by Geoff Plant, which is, once again, aimed at young children. A boy asks his Dad to take him to the zoo, but, at first, Dad doesn’t seem to be at all interested. The boy tells of the wonderful things that they’ll see at the zoo – giraffes, polar bears, kangaroos, koalas, lions, hippos, and even a bandicoot – if only Dad will agree to take him. Of course, Dad finally agrees, and the book concludes with a triumphant, “You’re taking me to the zoo today?  We’re going out to the zoo today? I’m going out to the zoo today? You’re going to come with me!” Although the book can be read aloud, it’s really designed to be sung, and the book includes a CD of the song performed by Geoff Plant, Kerryn Plant, and Zack Moir. Children will love singing along, and they’ll also love Jane Eldershaw’s illustrations.

Cost $12.00 per copy Class Set (6 copies) $50.00

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