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Tactrain: Tactaid VII Training Program for Hearing Impaired Adults

Cost $120 for the two books ($100 each for orders of four or more copies)

Although this program was originally designed for use with adults working with the Tactaid VII vibrotactile aid, it has been used very successfully with clients fitted with hearing aids, transposer aids, and cochlear implants. Tactrain contains twenty-two individual lesson plans, each of which contains both synthetic and analytic exercises. There is also a wealth of synthetic materials - question and answer exercises, lists of common sentences around a central theme, and many other exercises designed to help the client better use her/his device in everyday situations. The book consists of a Therapist's Handbook and a Client's Handbook, which are presented in two large loose-leaf folders allowing therapists to copy materials for clinic and home training.

Geoff Plant has produced an invaluable handbook for analytic and synthetic speech perception training. Background information provided on each type of activity, as well as detailed instructions for carrying out these activities mean that it can be easily employed by the clinician. The information in the “Program Overview” is in such detail that it could easily be used as “how-to” for students or new clinicians. It could also be used in University clinics to provide students with experience in providing a wide range of training materials to clients with hearing loss. The handbook is an invaluable addition to the speech perception training materials that are currently available.

Mary Beth Jennings, Aural Rehabilitation Services, Guelph, ON, Canada

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