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Speech Stuff: Speech Test and Training Resources for Teenagers and Young Adults

Cost: $50.00 ($40.00 each for orders of five or more copies)

This book aimed at teachers and therapists working with profoundly deaf teenagers and young adults. Speech Stuff is a spiral bound book of over 200 pages containing a wide variety of word and sentence materials for speech production and perception testing and training.

The materials in the book focus primarily on training and test resources based on the 500 most common words from Hartvig Dahl’s analysis of Spoken American English. These words form the “core” of spoken communication. Speakers who are deaf need to be able to produce these essential elements accurately and consistently.

Each of the 500 most common words of Spoken American English is presented in order of their frequency of occurrence. A pronunciation guide in the IPA is provided. Where it is required, both the citation form of the word and its reduced form are presented. Each word is also used in a short sentence or series of sentences. A pronunciation guide is also provided for the sentences. Although designed specifically for speech production training these materials can also be adapted for speech perception practice.

Other resources include:

  • A series of word and sentence lists formed from the 500 most common words of Spoken American English.
  • Lists of high frequency words consisting of voiceless consonants and vowels with high F2's.
  • CVC word lists drawn from the 500 most common words of American English.
  • Ten lists of a closed set sentence test which contrasts key words in high predictability and low predictability contexts.
  • A entertaining series of rhymes presenting information on aspects of English language usage, including plurality rules, irregular verbs, and noun/verb agreement.
  • An alphabetic listing of the 500 most common words of American English. This can be used by teachers and therapists wishing to develop their own materials.

Speech Stuff is an invaluable resource for teachers and therapists. It contains a wide variety of materials for use with older children and young adults. The materials may also be useful in English-as-second-language (ESL) programs.

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