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Speech Rhymes

Cost $8.00 ($6 each for orders of five or more copies)

Speech Rhymes is a new publication presenting a number of short-simple songs written specifically for deaf children. In writing these poems, the author was conscious of the need to use simple monosyllabic words that would be easy for young deaf children to produce. The poems can be used as a fun way of practicing speech targets and encouraging rhythmic speech. Poems include "Baa, boo, bee," which provides practice in production of the point vowels, and simple counting poems such as "I know more." Some of the poems can be used to provide practice in "turn-taking" with the teacher and the child alternating lines or verses.

The poems in this book provide deaf children with a repertoire of rhymes that can be shared with family members and classmates. This bright attractive book can be bought singly, or in class sets (five or more).

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