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Training Resources and Books

The Hearing Rehabilitation Foundation has a number of testing and training programs available for purchase. The materials include testing and training procedures developed for children and adults, and are based on many year's experience working with these groups of profoundly deaf people.

  • Alphacats: Alphabetic Lists for Speech Communication Training
  • Analytika: Analytic Testing and Training Lists
  • Commtrac: Speech Tracking Exercises for Hearing Impaired Adults (Revised Edition)
  • Hear at Home: A Home Training Program for Adults with Hearing Loss
  • Speech Stuff: Speech Test and Training Resources for Teenagers and Young Adults
  • Rhythm, Rhyme & Song: Practice for smooth, rhythmic speech and speech perception training
  • Speech Rhymes: Simple songs for deaf children
  • Step by Step: The Foundations of Intelligible Speech
  • Syntrex: Synthetic Training Exercises for Hearing Impaired Adults (Revised Edition)
  • Tactrain: Tactaid VII Training Program for Hearing Impaired Adults

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