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The Hearing Market Square

A Hearing Resource Center

Market Square

What is a Hearing Resource Center?

The Hearing Rehabilitation Foundation has a dream. It is to set up an information center on all aspects of hearing loss. We want to establish a facility where people of all ages can come and obtain information and help. We live in one of the most technologically advanced parts of the world, but people with hearing loss, their families, and friends are constantly frustrated because they can’t get the information they need. If they "shop around," they might find a piece of information here, and another piece there, but it's a time-consuming process, and often they don't find exactly the information they need.

We have taken the Market Squares found in towns and villages all over Europe as our model. The Market Square serves as an important community meeting place, and as a source of local goods and produce. Farmers bring their fruits, vegetables, and flowers to sell at the Market Square, while craftspeople find it the perfect place to display and sell their handcrafts. A visit to the Market Square lets you see what is grown and produced in the area. It also offers the opportunity to examine and sample, before you make a decision to buy a particular item.

Just, imagine if people with hearing loss, their families, and friends had access to a Hearing Market Square. A place where they could:

  • obtain information.
  • sample a wide range of technological equipment.
  • have their communication skills evaluated.
  • receive communication training.
  • borrow books, videos, computer resources, etc.
  • access new activities.
  • meet other people with hearing loss.

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Help Make the Hearing Market Square a Reality

That's our dream, and we hope that you can help make it come true by becoming a donor. As 501(c)3 non-profit organization, all contributions made to The Hearing Rehabilitation Foundation are tax deductible. Donations are being sought from individuals and corporations in the following categories:

HRF Friend $100 - $499
HRF Supporter $500 - $999
HRF Bronze Patron $1,000 - $2,499
HRF Silver Patron $2,500 - $5,000
HRF Gold Patron more than $5,000

The contributions made by Gold, Silver, and Bronze Patrons will be acknowledged on a plaque displayed in the Hearing Market Square. Please help us make a difference by supporting this exciting project.

Please send checks to:

Hearing Rehabilitation Foundation
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Thank you.

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