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The Ear Foundation

The Ear Foundation, based in Nottingham, England has had close ties with the Hearing Rehabilitation Foundation for many years. Go to their website to find details of the Ear Foundation's family support services, their comprehensive education program for professionals, and their research activities. The Ear Foundation also has an excellent online bookstore that stocks a wide variety of materials, including the range of HRF publications.


Zack Moir

Zack Moir is a young Scottish jazz musician with a strong interest in improving musical experiences for children and adults with cochlear implants. Zack is also an extremely talented saxophonist and composer. He worked at the Hearing Rehabilitation Foundation in the summer of 2007, and this experience culminated in the release of "Kids' Songs", a CD of three songs, aimed at young children with cochlear implants.


Jane Eldershaw's "Junk Jewelry"

Jane Eldershaw is the illustrator of "The Farmer's Cheese" and "I Want to Go to the Zoo", two recent children's books from the HRF. Jane's most recent publication is "Junk Jewelry", which provides the instructions for making 25 pieces of jewelry from everyday objects. This is an excellent resource for parents or educators looking for simple craft projects for older children and teenagers.



Geoff Plant from the Hearing Rehabilitation works part-time as a Rehabilitation Specialist for MED-EL Worldwide Headquarters in Innsbruck, Austria. He writes a regular series of newsletters concerned with various aspects of aural (re)habilitation, which are available for free download at the MED-EL website.


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