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Hear at Home: A Home Training Program for Adults with Hearing Loss

Cost $85.00 ($80.00 each for orders of five or more copies)

"Hear at Home" is a home training program consisting of two 3-ring binders (one for the receiver and one for the talker). It contains a wealth of material for use with a wide range of adults with acquired hearing losses. Potential users include adults fitted with hearing aids (both conventional devices and transposer aids), cochlear implants, or tactile aids.

The materials in "Hear at Home" were designed to be presented by the family and/or friends of adventitiously hard-of-hearing and deaf adults. There are ten separate sessions, which contain a total of over 175 exercises. These introduce a wide range of consonant and vowel targets in words and sentences, as well as a number of other exercises including theme-based sentence sets, sentence expansion exercises, questions and answers, and short stories.

There are separate books for the receiver (the hard-of-hearing or deaf adult) and the talker (the family member or friend), which contain the full text of each training exercise. The talker's text also includes a detailed description of the exercises, and suggestions and tips to help her/him learn how to present the materials most effectively. Each exercise begins on a new page with the receiver’s version covered by a sheet of cardboard. This is moved to provide feedback as to the correctness of response, and to give the receiver clues, which will assist in correct identification.

The exercises are designed for auditory alone or auditory-visual presentation. The choice of presentation mode is dependent upon the sensory capabilities of the individual receiver. Receivers who require auditory-visual presentations at first, may be able to repeat the exercises auditory alone as their listening skills improve.

Although "Hear at Home" was originally designed for use by family members and friends, it can also serve as a valuable tool for use by audiologists, teachers, and speech pathologists working in clinics, hearing centers, or rehabilitation facilities. The materials may also be used with older children and young adults who are deaf and hard-of-hearing.

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