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Commtrac: Speech Tracking Exercises for Hearing Impaired Adults (Revised Edition)

Cost $60 for the two books ($55.00 for orders of five or more)

This is a revised edition of another program originally published by the National Acoustics Laboratory. Carol de Filippo and Brian Scott’s Speech Tracking procedure is rightly recognized as one of the most important advances in rehabilitative technique over the past 25 years, but there are some clients for whom it is unsuitable. If you use Speech Tracking, you've probably come across them. These clients track at such slow rates (less than 15 - 20 words-per-minute) that the advantages of the approach are lost. Instead of use contextual cues to aid understanding and recognition, the client is forced into an isolated word recognition task, which is both slow and frustrating for her/him. Commtrac aims at providing practice to such clients without the frustration that the conventional Speech Tracking procedure can bring to them. A number of stories have been adapted for use with adults of all ages. One story has also been modified to provide structured use of speech repair strategies. If you’ve wondered about how to incorporate practice of repair strategies into aural rehabilitation sessions this may be the program you need. The materials are provided in separate manuals for therapist and client with a large easy-to-read typeface throughout. This approach is particularly suitable for clients who want practice in the recognition of connected materials, but have difficulty with the task. The approach has been used very successfully with many cochlear implantees to provide an introduction to listening with their new device.

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