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Analytika: Analytic Testing and Training Lists

Cost $120 for the two books ($100 each for orders of four or more copies)

Are you constantly having to rack your brains to think up sets of minimal pairs for testing or training? You want to contrast /p/ and /t/ in a set of meaningful words, but you just can't seem to come up with any! Analytika is a rich resource for any one who uses minimal pair testing or training. There are more than 300 lists overall contrasting consonants in the initial or final position of meaningful words. Other lists contrast vowels and diphthongs in real words, or help determine whether clients can detect the presence or absence of initial or final consonants. If you have a need for analytic testing or training, you need Analytika. The materials are contained in a sturdy loose-leaf binder allowing easy access for copying of individual lists. All of the lists are also available on disk (MS Word) so that clinicians can print out copies of lists, edit or customize them for particular clients or training approaches.

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